Time for Change!

Getting Ready for Change

If 'the grid' is society as defined by all its norms, then the grid teaches us that 'normal' is to measure our success based on our status, career, wealth and possessions in relation to everyone else. 'Normal' is to fend for ourselves and trust no one in order to keep ourselves safely detached.

There then comes a point in most people's lives when we stop in our tracks to ask ourselves why we do not feel completely happy when we have just been doing everything that we were told would make us happy.

We generally call this a midlife crisis but it can happen at any age and today that age is getting increasingly younger. With me it happened one tough day back in 2009. I entered into Google the words 'how to be happy' not really expecting much of anything; maybe a picture of a cute cat lying in the sun or something.

Instead, I came across a link to a (then) free e-book by Michael Anthony (see here) which changed my life forever!

Not only did it make perfect sense, but it also supported many of my own beliefs by giving scientific explanations, and provided me with a whole lot of interesting further reading suggestions.

Over the next few years, I read up on the vast and unnecessarily complex mass of information out there that falls into the category 'spirituality' or 'conscious living'. I made notes and consolidated what is actually a very simple yet potentially life-changing message on what life is all about.

Spirituality is misunderstood as some religious thingy, but it simply refers to the topic or genre of taking the time to really get to know who we are deep within – what our passions and dreams and desires are – so that we can make the most of this one life we have, and experience a deep inner happiness with our lives and who we are.

Taking our first step on a 'spiritual journey' is to start on a life-long, life-changing adventure. Most of us never take that first step, and the desire to do so has to come from within you!

Just like committing to healthier eating, going to the gym, or quitting smoking, we have to be completely committed to making the positive change in the first place if we ever hope to really make it happen.

Therefore, the first step is to understand why so many of us do not already feel completely happy with our lives and the reasons for starting a spiritual journey. Only once you have processed the information can you know if spirituality resonates with you or not.

On 4th December 2013 I took the plunge, quit my job, and set off to Mexico on a Latin America adventure in order to find out what really happens when we stop reading these inspirational books and quotations and articles online about happiness and making a difference, and actually start 'living to be happy'.

You can read more about society and spirituality to the left of this page, and then decide if you are ready to make a conscious choice to take the next step too - and change your life forever!

Be inspired ♥